What makes our lockers so cool?
FSP COOL LOCKERS® are low-maintenance, light-weight, heavy duty, weather-resistant, stackable, modular, ultra-durable, rust-resistant, custom colour lockers with quiet doors! No more painting, rusting, dented doors; no more slamming/clanging hallways.  Currently there are 100,000's of FSP COOL LOCKERS® lockers being used across the globe in Gyms, Schools, Mining...and we've never needed to replace a door!

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 Cologne February 16-20 2016


FSP COOL LOCKERS® are guaranteed for 15 years to meet the highest standards for quality and durability. We will replace any locker that doesn’t meet our high manufacturing standard. See our warranty information for full details.

Unique Design

FSP COOL LOCKERS® are a patented design, engineered to withstand everything that kids can throw at them...  They are also incredibly easy to clean. Graffiti can be easily wiped away with most cleaners, and outdoor lockers can be hosed out!

AB Series
AB1; AB2; AB3;
AB4; AB5; AB6;
AB7; AB8; AB9;
BB Series
BB1; BB2; BB3;
BB4; BB5; BB6;
BB7; BB8; BB9;
CB Series
CB1; CB2; CB3;
CB4; CB5; CB6;
CB7; CB8; CB9;
DB Series
DB1; DB2; DB3;
DB4; DB5; DB6;
DB7; DB8; DB9;
EB Series
EB1; EB2; EB3;
EB4; EB5; EB6;
EB7; EB8; EB9;